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Medical Law & Ethic

Lecture 1-- Medical

Law Social rules or regulations that are advisable or obligatory to observe
Regulations Rules which seldom change unless challenged and examined in courts.
Laws The provide a type of yardstick by which to measure our actions
Enforcement Made possible by penalties for disobedience dictated by a court of law
What is Ethics A branch of phylosophy relating to marals or moral princibles
What are some uses Reason and logic to analyze problems and find solutions
Ethics consit of The ability to differentiate between what is right or wrong
The word "ETHICS" was derived from? A GREEK word "ETHICS" MEANING "CUSTOMS"
Ethics Refferres to Traditionally to customers of a particular group of people.
Ethics is personal and can change ..... EVERYTIME PERSONAL VALUES ARE CHALLENGED
Defin Medical Ethics Set of MORAL STANDARDS and a CODE of behavior that govern an individuals interactions with other individuals and within society
What ETHICS is not (Unethical) In general, an illegal act or one that is against the law is always unethical.
What is RESPECT The ability to have consideration for and honor anoter persons beliefs and opions.
What is Integrity? An UNWAVERING adherence to established principles
What is HONESTY? A quality of truthfulness, no matter the situation.
What is EMPATHY? The ability to understand the feeling of another without having to experience the situation.
What is COMPASSION? The ability to have a gentle caring attitude
What is LOYALTY? Having a sence of faithfulness and commitment
Define Medical Law Addresses legal rights and obligations that affect patients and protects individual right.
An understanding of the law will help what? To protect you and your employer from being sued.
What does BIOETHICS Refer to? Bioethics refers to the ETHICAL IMPLICATION of BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY and its practices.
What does BIO Refers to LIFE
What is issues in BIOETHICS Life and Death issues
What are some examples of BIOETHICS Allocation of scarce resources, genetic engineering, AIDS, Death and Dying, Abortion
Define MORALS Principal of right conduct based on traditional religeous teachings funding Juedo-Christian, Buddiast, Islamic and others.
Morals is sometimes referred as Virtue
What is IMMORAL? Behavior that goes AGAINST morals
What is AMORAL? Behavior that does not take moral principals into consideration
Define ETIQUETTE The socially accepted procedure for interracting in society
ETIQUETTE does not..... Require moral understanding or eithcal reasoning
In Medicine Etiquette Protocal demands what? That the HEALTH CARE PROVIDER deomstrate politness, proper dress and courtesy.
When was the HIPPOCRATIC OATH written? 5th Century A.D.
It became CHRISTIANIZED in the 10th or 11th Century A.D. ...What change was made Eliminate the reference to pagan gods
What did the Hippocratic Oath Do? It protected the rights of clients and appealed to the inner and finer instincts of the physician withou imposing penalties
The Geneva Convention Code of Medical Ethics was established when and by whom? World Medical Association in 1949
This code refers to ... Colleagues as Brothers
What does the Geneva Convention Code of Medical Ethics State? The religion, race and other such factors are not a consideration for care of the total person.
When was the Nuremberg Code Estabilished Between 1946-1949
The Nurember Code was established as a result of what? The TRIALS of War Criminals after World War II
This code SUGGESTS guidelines for what? Human Experimentation and Is directed to the WORLD
The Declaration of Helsinki was written when? Between 1964-1975 and was an UPDATE TO HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION
The Declaration of Helsinki was directed to who? It was directed more to the MEDICINE WORLD rather than the world at large
What is UTILITARIANISM? For the greater good - COST/BENEFIT Analysis-A consequence based theory or a means to an end
What is RIGHTS-BASED ETHICS Moral entitlements by virtue of being human
What is Duty-Based Ethics Based on absolute moral rules. Universal prinicipals should guide all actions.
What is VIRTUE-BASED ETHICHS Based on the prmise that there is an aquired human quality which tends to enable to achieve goods.
What does the SERPENT represent ? BAD-EVIL
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