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109 ch. 54


What is a common rheumatic disease OA- osteoarthritis, inflamed joints, idiopathic, joint space narrows
In the inflammatory process, leukotrines and prostoglandins do what to cartilage break it down with enzyme, collagenase
the most common symptom to cause OA pt to seek medical attention pain
an ESR test for OA can detect what inflammation activity adn progression of disease
What is RA characterized as Rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disease with inflammation and degeneration in connective tissue
what is classic symptom of RA and how differ from OA joint stiffness in morning that doesn't subside wtih stretching OA has morning stiffness that goes away with mvmt
What are some s/s of RA fever, wt loss, fatigue, anemia, lymph node enlargement, Raynaud's phenomenon(blanched fingers)
Is the rheumatoid factor found in lab results the only indicator no, bilateral/symmetrical stiffness, ESR elevation, RBC decr, C-reactive protein, antinuclear antibody pos.
what is the synovial fluid look like in inflammed joints cloudy, milky, dark yellow
What is polymyalgia rheumatica severe proximal muscle discomfort wtih mild joint swelling. severe aching in neck, shoulder, pelvic muscles is common
what is assessment for polymyalgia rheumatica musculoskeletal tenderness, weakness, decr fx also, giant cell arteritis can occur showing headaches, vision changes, jaw claudication
What is tx for polymyalgia rheumatica corticosteroids, need to maintain adherence to avoid complications of giant cell arteritis like blindness.
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