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Latin Final Level 4

aero air
agri field
am, amat love
ann, enn year
aqu water
bene good
cent hundred
corp body
cred, credit believe
dic, dict speak
duc, duct lead
dur to last
fac face
frater brother
jud, jur, jus law
litera letter
loc place
luna moon
mal bad
man hand
mit, miss send
mor, mort death
migr change;move
nav ship
nov new
ocu eye
omni all
ped foot
port, portat to carry
prim first
rect right
reg rule
sens, sent feeling
sequ, secut order
sol alone
spec, spect see
spir, spirat breathe
tempor time
terra earth
turb agitate
urb city
vid, vis see
vit, viv life
voc, vocat call
bi two
circum around
co with
contra, counter against
dys bad
inter between
mis wrond, bad
multi many
post after
pre before
quint five
semi half
sub under
super above
tri three
uni one
Created by: rrkilgore