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109 ch. 68

Mgmt of Pts w/ musculoskeletal Disorders

What is term of pain radiating down leg radiculopathy or sciatica
What usually relieves acute low back pain? Chronic? Low back pain: NSAIDS, heat, manipulation chronic: tricyclic antidepressants
What is bursitis/tendinitis inflammatory condition of bursae sacs
what is impingement syndrome lesions that involve the rotator cuff of shoulder
what is carpal tunnel syndrome median nerve at wrist is compressed by thickened tendon sheath, skeletal encroachment, edema or soft tissue mass
What sign is used for carpal tunnel syndrome Tinel's sign
what is treatment of carpal tunnel open nerve release or endoscopic laser surgery
what are ganglion collection of gelatinous material near tendon sheaths adn joints on wrist. TX: aspiration, corticosteroid injection, surgical excision
what is Dupuytren's Disease inherited, slowly progression contracture of palmar fascia, flexes 4th/5th fingers and middle finger.
when is ice best 24-48 hours after surgery
what is a corn area of hyperkeratosis(overgrowth of horny layer of epidermis), usually 5th toe.
what is callus thickened area of skin exposed to friction.
what is onychocryptosis ingrown toe nail, clip straight across
Deformities of the foot: Hammer toe Hallux Valgus(bunion, and assoc with OA) Pes Cavus Morton's Neuroma Flatfoot Hammer toe: flexion of interphalangeal joint Bunion: great toe deviates laterally Pes Cavus: abnormally high arch (clawfoot) Morton's Neuroma: swelling 3rd toe
When is peak adult mass achieved? B/n 18-25 yrs
What are some interventions for osteoporosis incr Ca, weight bearing exercise, decr caffeine, cig, carbonated drinks, alcohol
what is osteoporosis reduced bone mass, deterioration of bone matrix, diminished bone strength. Osteoclast bone resorption out weighs bone formation Leads to kyphosis
What hormones related to Ca incr and decr in aged estrogen and Calcitonin- decr PTH- incr bone turnover and resorption
Who is at greatest risk for osteoporosis small framed, nonobese, Caucasian women
Recommended Ca intake? Vit. D? Ca: 1000-1200 Vit D: 800-1000
where is Ca best absorbed Duodenum in sm intestine
When can osteoporosis be detectable When 25%- 40% demineralization so BMD testing is recommended for 65 yrs and older
what is good mgmt against osteoporosis rich diet of Ca and Vit. D, 20-30 min weight bearing exercise 3x wk.
what is osteomalacia Usually a lack of Vit. D metabolic bone disease, softening/weakening of skeleton, many fractures
how does the liver/kidney aid in Ca absorption liver/kidney convert Vit. D to active form to absorb Ca
What leads to osteomalacia? hyperthyroidism, hypo, hyperpara, hypopara hyperparathyroidism
What is Paget's Disease localized rapid bone turnover in skull, femur, tibia, pelvic bones, vertebrae. Enlarged skull
What retards bone resorption Calcitonin
what is osteomyelitis infection of the bone that results in inflammation, necrosis, formation of new bone
Who is most at risk for osteomyelitis elderly, malnourished, obese
what is process of a bone abscess if not treated the sequestrum forms- dead bone tissue in abscess cavity then covered by new bone growth, involucrum, surrounds sequestrum. Tx: remove dead bone tissue
What kind of benign bone tumors did we learn "droma" osteochondroma, enchondroma, bone cyst, osteoid osteoma, rhabdomyoma, fibroma
what is the most common osteochondroma, usually at ends of long bones
what kind of malignant bone tumors did we learn "sarcoma" osteosarcoma(most common and most fatal), chondrosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma, fibrosarcoma
which is more common, metastatic bone disease or primary bone tumors metastatic bone disease(secondary bone tumor)
what is autograft? allograft? autograft: bone tissue from pt allograft: cadaver donor
Created by: palmerag