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Canada Atlas

There are several ______ ______ in Canada which affect where people live. landform regions
Canada has impressive reserves of timber, minerals, and fresh water, and many of its _______ are based on these resources. industries
In economic development that has paralleled the United States, most of the Canadian population now lives in ______ cities
precipitation water that falls to the ground as rain, snow, sleet, or hail
tundra area with limited vegetation, such as moss and shrubs; climate with long cold winters
permafrost permanently frozen soil
mixing zone an area where warm and cold water combine and stir nutrients from the ocean floor; fish feed on these nutrients
There are __ provinces and territories in Canada 13
Canada is located immediately _____ of the United States of America north
Canada is bordered by the ______, ________, and _______ Oceans Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific
Like many Americans, Canadians enjoy a ____ ________ of living. high standard
Canada is the ______ largest country in the world in total land area second
Region made up of thousands of islands most of the soil is permanently frozen Arctic Archipelago
Largest region, huge/rocky region with thousands of lakes and bays glaciers created the five Great Lakes Canadian Shield
Region with low, rounded mountains and rugged coastline contain northern parts of the Appalachian Mountains also found in the United States Atlantic Provinces
Most populated region includes the St. Lawrence River longest, most important river in Canada connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean • provides an important transportation route St. Lawrence River Valley
Region with grassy plains extends from the same formation as the Great Plains in the United States Interior Plains
Region that is the northern section of the Rocky Mountains Canadian Cordillera
Canada has a varied climate due to its ________ ______ and ________ _________ northern location, physical geography
Much of Canada is sparsely populated due to its ______ ______ and _______ ________ large size, harsh climate
Most Canadians live in cities along the United States _______ border
Canada’s natural resources and environment have become threatened by these three problems: ___________, ___________, ________ overdeveloping hydroelectric plants, extracting too many minerals from the land, and clear-cutting forests
Since Canada and the United States are neighbors, they have had to work together to clean up ____ __________ because pollution created by one country can easily affect the other air pollution
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