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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 19

AVIS bird (L)
GREX/GREGIS flock, herd, drove, group, troop, company (L)
OMNIS each, every, all (L)
AMPHI both (G)
AMBI on both sides, around, surround (L)
EU well, good, pleasant (G)
ornithology study of the nature and habits of birds
ornithivorous bird eating
ornithotrophe place to feed and observe birds
ornithophile lover of birds
aviary a large building where birds are kept
aviation aerial navigation by means of an airplane; the science of powered flight; design and development of aircraft
aviator pilot of an airplane
aviculture the raising of and caring for birds, especially wild birds in captivity
gregarious living in herds, flocks, or social groups; fond of company, socially outgoing and friendly
congregate gather together as a group
congregation a flock of churchgoers gathered together to worship with a cleric as shepherd
segregate to separate from the group
omnipotent all powerful
omnipresent present everywhere
omniscient all knowing
omnibus vehicle capable of carrying many passengers
amphitheater theater with audience on both sides of the central stage area
amphibian animal, including frogs, toads,salamanders, which can live and breathe both in water and on land
amphora a large jar or jug with handles on both sides for carrying liquids
amphoric sound a sound made by blowing across the mouth of a bottle or jug
ambidextrous able to use both hands with equal skill
ambivalent to be attracted and repulsed at the same time; undecided
ambiguous doubtful or uncertain; a feeling of being driven in two or more directions
ambience environment, surroundings, atmosphere
eulogy a speech of praise for deceased person
euphoria a feeling of well being or elation
evangelist one who brings good news
euphemism substitution of a mild or indirect word for one which is thought to be offensive or blunt
Created by: LiseBrinkley