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Level 1 Part 2


饭馆儿 restaurant fanguan(r)
好像 to seem; to be like haoxiang
位子 seat weizi
天气 weather tianqi
(comparison marker); to compare bi
下雪 to snow xia xue
to make an appointment yue
公园 park gongyuan
滑冰 to ice skate hua bing
will hui use bu to negate
刚才 just now; a moment ago gangcai
网上 on the internet wang shang
预报 to forecast yubao
even more geng
不单。。。, 而且。。。 not only..., but also... budian..., erqie...
暖和 warm nuanhuo
cold leng
to handle; to do ban
disc; small plate; dish; saucer die
那么 (indicating degree) so, such name
好玩儿 fun, amusing, interesting haowanr
出去 to go out chu qu
非常 very, extremely, exceedingly feichang
糟糕 in a terrible mess; how terrible zaogao
下雨 xia yu to rain
again you indicates recurrence of an action
面试 to interview; interview mianshi
回去 to go back; to return hui qu
冬天 winter dongtian
夏天 summer xiatian
hot re
春天 spring chutian
秋天 autumn; fall qiutian
舒服 comfortable shufu negate with bu
加州 California Jiazhou
Created by: lilyli
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