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MDTMS Science Gen.

Decribes the topics to be tested on the midterms of Earth Science.

fuel a substance that provides a form of energy
combustion the burning of fuel
3 major fossil fuels coal, natural gas, and oil
wind energy is an indirect form of? solar power
what is the most widely used source of energy? hydropower
most plentiful fossil fuel coal
cleanest fossil fuel natural gas
tidal energy ocean energy
biomass fuel ethanol
insulation layer of material that blocks the transfer of energy
describe the earths inner core solid sphere of nickel and iron, extremely high temp
describe the earths mantle behaves plastically, contains partial lithosphere
what is the longest mountain chain the world? mid ocean ridge
epicenter point of rupture about earths surface. in line with the focus
focus point of initial rupture
seismograph records seismic activity
strike slip fault rock slabs slid past each other sideways
Created by: seastar12081