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Science Midterm 1/12

Science Midterm Vocab

Animal-like protist Amedba
The middle part of an insects body Thorax
A living thing that lives on or in another living thing parasite
An arm-like part around the mouth of a stinging cell animal Tentacle
A cell that contains a posionous thread Stinging Cell
A single cell that can grow into a new organism Spore
A plantlike living thing that doesn't contain chorophyll Fungus
A thing that seems to be alive but is not made of cells Virus
Another name for moneran Bacteria
A one-celled organism that does not have a nucleus Moneran
A stiff structure outside the cell membrane of plantlike cells Cell Wall
The jelly like material that surrounds the nucleus of a cell Cytoplasm
A control center of a cell or a dense control center of an atom Nucleus
A structure that surrounds and protects a cell Cell Membane
A one-celled organism Protist
One of 5 large groups into which scientists classify all organisms Kingdoms
The basic part of all living things Cell
Contains Chorlophyll Choroplast
Plantlike protist Diatom
one-celled plantlike organism Mold
one-celled plantlike organism that makes grain rise yeast
one-celled plantlike organism mildew
A hollow structure with a sucker at the end Tube Foot
An invertebrate that has a soft body Mollusks
A flsehy covering that protects the organs of a mollusk Mantle
A spiny-skinned invertebrate that lives in the ocean Echinoderm
A worm that hs a round body and 2 body openings Round Worm
A worm that has its body divided into sections Segmented Worm
A worm that has a flattened body and 1 body opening Flatworm
The hard outer covering of an arthropod Exoskelethon
To shed the outer body covering Molt
A small hole or opening in a sponge Pore
The rear part of an insects body Abdomen
Animallike protist Euglena
Animallike protist Paramecium
Make their own food through the process of photosynthesis and do not move place to place Plants
Do not make food. They eat other organisms and move from place to place Animals
Cell process responsible for delivering oxygen to the animal cells and giving off carbon dioxcide Diffusion
Proces in a cell responsible for taking in nutrients and releaseing energy Respiration
Cell Division Mitosis
Cell part in plant cell that contains chlorophyll Chloroplasts
Surrounds and protects the nucleus of a cell Nuclear membrane
Thread like structure in the nucleus that carries genetic information Chromosome
Fluid filled sack Vacuole
Animals that have a backbone Vertebrates
Animals that do not have a backbone Invertebrates
Invertebrate with jointed legs and body segments Arthropod
A living thing that feeds off of dead and decaying things Scavengers
Arthropod with 6 jointed legs and a 2 part body, lives in the ocean Crustacean
Arthropod with 3 part body and 6 jointed legs Insects
Mollusk with internal shell like a squid Cephalopod
Mollusk with 2 shells Bivalve
Mollusk with 1 shell Univalve
Example of a Spider Arachnid
Example of a Centiped Chilopod
Example of a millaped Diplopod
Created by: henrypavis