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chapter 28.3&4


nāvicula boat, small ship
iactāre to toss (back and forth)
fluctus (+P&G) wave fluctūs, M
contrārius-a-um opposite, contrary
vigilia night watch
phantasma (+P&G) ghost, phantom phantasmāta, N
cōnstāns (stem:____) calm, cool, collected (constant-)
dēmergere to sink + D.O.
salvus-a-um safe (spiritually)
salvum facere to save
cessāre to cease, stop
persuādere (+____case and perfect inf.) to persuade +Dat. persuāsisse
potius rather, maybe
perīculum danger
impendēre (+ ____case) to threaten, lurk ahead + dat.
vorāgo (P&G) whirlpool vorāginēs, F
praedō (P&G) pirate, robber praedōnēs, M
maritimus-a-um on/of the sea
tūtus-a-um safe (physically)
pervenīre to arrive, get to
pars: new meaning direction
perīculōsus-a-um dangerous, perilous
vitāre to avoid
spērāre to hope
malle to prefer
servīre (+____case) to serve + dat.
to persuade someone that something is true acc. + infin.
to persuade someone to do something ut + subjunctive
present tense, indicative of mālle mālō/māvīs/māvult/mālumus/māvultis/mālunt
Created by: merlineacademy