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Japanese Chapter 11

shakai social studies
gaikokugo foregin language
kagaku science
bijyutsu art
suugaku math
ongaku music
eigo english
taiiku P.E.
yasumijikan a break
kamoku subjects
jyugyoo class
arimasu have
doo desu ka? how is it?
tsugi next
muzukashii is difficult
yasashii is easy
tanoshii is fun
omoshiroi is interesting
tsumaranai is boring
naze why?
seiseki grade
hidoii is terrible
ureshii is happy
kanashiii is sad
ototoi the day before yesterday
asatte the day after tomorrow
ii desu nee how nice! (future)
yokatta desu nee how nice! (past)
zannen desu nee How dissapointing! (something that cant happen)
Zannen deshata nee How dissaponting! (past)
shumatsu weekend
hoshii want
taihen is difficult
soreni besides
doo shimashitaka What happened?
hyooki sickness
kaze a cold
netsu fever
itai sore/painful
daijyoobu all right
shinimasu to die
kawaisooni how pitiful
kazewo hikimashita. I caught a cold
nenzashimashita. I sprained (something).
yasumimasu to rest
gakkoowo yasumimasu to be absent
yuube last night
kesa this morning
konban tonight
nemuii is sleepy
tsukareteimasu is tired
hayaku early
osoku late
shiai game
watashitashi we
kachimasu to win
makemasu to lose
tsuyoi is strong
yowai is weak
haru spring
natsu summer
aki fall
huyu winter



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