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Chp 14 test

rich black top soil of the North European Plain Chernozem
a river in Siberia Yenisey
towering mountain system covering much of the Kyrgystan Tian Shan
a major river of the north European Plain Dniester
the highest elevation in the area of Russia and the Eurasian republics Communism Peak
a sea bordering northern Russia Laptev
the largest inland body of water in the world Caspian Sea
the only large river of Siberia that does not flow northward Amur
the longest river in European Russia Volga
the oldest and deepest lake in the world Lake Baikal
occupies most of Turkmenistan The Kara Kum
the Black Sea coast of Georgia has a ______ climate humid subtropical
The Crimean Peninsula has a _____ climate Mediterranean
Why is the Aral Sea shrinking? (discussion) because it has been over extended for irrigation systems
How were the Ural Mountains worn down? (discussion) by streams and wind erosion (forces of nature)
Russia and Urasia cover almost ____ of all the land on earth 1/6
West Siberian Plain is the ______ worlds largest flat region
Caspian Sea is used for __________ hydroelectric power, city water supplies, and irrigation
Lake Baikal is called the __________ glorious and sacred sea
most of this area is made up of desert Uzbekistan
about one third of Russia and Eurasia is _______ forest land
Tyumen Field and West Siberian Plain is the major source for ____ oil
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