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science 4

In what form of energy is most of the sun's energy emitted electromagnetic waves
what is an electricity neutral, subatomic, massless,particlas, emmitted by fusion reaction within the sun at nearly the speed of light neutrinos
what are the two main elements that the sun is made up of hydrogen, helium
what percentage are they of the sun 98%
What tool is used to measure and study the sun spectroscope
matter that forms at extremely high temps, and is not solid, liquid, or gas plasma
what is the visible surface of the sun photosphere
how hot is it 8700-10800
what are bumps in the photosphere as result of currents of plasma granules
what is a sunspot small, cooler, darker,area on sun's surface
why do sunspots appear to be going east to west the suns rotation
what are the two parts of a sunspot umbra and penumbra
what is an umbra dark inner portion
what is an penumbra the brighter outer portion
What is the sunspot cycle the time between years of maxiumum sunspots periods
how are sunspots different in the nothern and southern hemisphere they are opposite
What is an extremely violent eruption resulting in intense emmissions of uv radiation solar flare
what are solar flares affect on earth x-rays and solar matter, and destroy part of earth's ionsphere
what is extremely large mass of particles that can be discharged coranal mass ejection
what are the names and relative location of the two regions of the sun's atmosphere chromosphere and corona
what are clouds of plasma that emit light in a single or few wave lenghts plages
What are the three layers of the sun's interior model core-inner most radiation-middle conective-outer most
list three things energy from the sun is most commonly used for heat, energy, solar energy
What type of telescope is the hubble space telescope reflecting telescope
what is the difference between apparent and absolute magnitude apparent is an estimte from earth, but absolute is the amount of light emited
what measure the relative brightness of a star magnitude
who was the greek man who invented magnitude hippocrates
what 2 things determine the magnitude of a star amount of light a star emits and distance from earth
what is the unit of distance that measures the distance from earth light-year
what is the distance observed in wavelenght of light red shift
what is the apparent shift in posistion of an observent object caused by a change in the point of observation parallax
what is the difference between proper and redial motion proper motion is motion that is perpendicular to an observers line of sight but radial motion is directly toward or away from the observer
what is the difference between supergiant and white dwarf super gaint is the largest and most luminous star, but a white dwarf is a very dense, very bright star about the same mass as the sun but only 1/1100 of its diameter
What dies density mean the amount of mass contained in a single volumetric unit of substance
what color are the hottest and coolest stars bluish;redish
list two types of variable stars and describe each eclipsing binaries- 2 stars revolving around each other such that they periodically pass in front of each other cephid variable changes brightness as it expands and contracts regularly
what is a nova a nova is a star that exdplodes and increases in brightness up to 10 magnitude but is not destroyed
what is supernova a star that suddenly increases its apparent brightness by 20 mag, because of an explosion that destroys it
why are nuetron stars sometimes called pulsars they are spinning and emmitting radio waves at regular intervals
how are neutron stars formened by the results of a supernova
what is the differnce between an open and globular cluster open- stars far apart and arranged in any shape globular- spherical shape and close together
listh the shape of the galaies elliptical, spiral, barred spiral
what shape is the mily way spirall
what are the 5 kinds of nebulae stars emmission, reflection,planetary,super nova,dark nebulae
what is a nebulae that is near hot stars that emit enough uv rays to energizes nearby clouds of hydrogen emmission
what is a nebulae that clouds of dust particles are visable because they reflect visible light fro nearby stars reflection
what is a ring shaped nebulae planetary
what is a nebulae that is remnants super nova
what is a nebular that is interstellar dust that dosen;t have any heat or light dark nebulae
what are unusally bright celestial objects that produces strong radio emissions quassars
what kind of object is far denser that a neutron star- so much that even light can't enter black hole
Created by: oliviaobrien