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USMLE - DevMilestone

USMLE - Developmental Milestones, First Aid

holds head up 3 mo
moro reflex disappears 3 mo
social smile 3 mo
rolls front to back 4-5 mo
sits when propped 4-5 mo
recognizes people 4-5 mo
sits alone 7-9 mo
crawls 7-9 mo
stranger anxiety 7-9 mo
orients to voice 7-9 mo
upgoing babinski disappears 12-14 mo
Walks 15 mo
says few words 15 mo
separation anxiety 15 mo
climbs stairs 12-24 mo
stacks 3 blocks 12-24 mo
object permanence 12-24 mo
stacks 6 blocks 18-24 mo
rapprochement 18-24 mo
parallel play 24-48 mo; 2-4 yrs
core gender identity 24-36 mo; 2-3 yrs
stacks 9 blocks 30-36 mo; 2.5-3 yrs
toilet training 30-36 mo; 2.5-3 yrs
rides tricycle 36 mo; 3 yrs
copies line/circle drawing 36 mo; 3 yrs
group play 36 mo; 3 yrs
simple drawings 4 yrs
hops on 1 foot 4 yrs
cooperative play 4 yrs
imaginary friends 4 yrs
grooms self 4 yrs
brushes teeth 4 yrs
reads 6-11 yrs
understands death 6-11 yrs
development of conscience (superego) 6-11 yrs
same sex friends 6-11 yrs
ID with same sex parent 6-11 yrs
girls puberty 11
boys puberty 13
what can children do at puberty abstract reasoning (formal operations)
formation of personality puberty
Created by: christinapham