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daquan cosby

geography final exam

Peninsula : piece of land with water on three sides
water covers what precentage of the earth's surface. 70%
Drought : long period of extrem dryness and water shortages
As elevation gets higher. tempature gets lower
land covers _ of the earth's surface 30%
renewable resources can be Replaced
elevation : height above sea level
nothern and southern hemisphereres have _ seasons. oppisite
The shorest day of the year occurs in what season ? winter
Valleys ,mountains, and plains are examples of landforms
Largest Ocean pacific
_ climates are hot Tropical
Hottest temperatures on earth found at what latitude line? 0 the equater
_______ basin has the largest rain forest in the world. Amazon river
coal and oil are examples of __ fuels fosiol
Deforestation: widespread cutting of forest
Physical geography land and climate ,water , plants
human geography culture and language
goegraphers a person who studies specializes in geographical research
Name three uses of geography physical,political, themetical
Landforms Individuals features of the land
GPS group of satellites that travels around the world
GIS special software that helps goegraphers gather and use information about a place
enviorment natural surroundings
There are___ themes in geography 5
Globe sphereical model of the earth
the earth has ___ hemispheres 4
Created by: daqcoslakeside