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perennial lasting for an indefinitely long time, continuing regularly
permeate to penetrate through spaces, to spread throughout
persevere to hold fast to a task or purpose
defer to postpone, delay
dilatory tending to delay, postpone
elation excited feelings of pride, triumph, happiness
contend to engage in a quarrel, struggle, or rivalry
subvert to upset, overthrow, to ruin
subservient excessively yielding to others
distort to change something, make it false
retort to reply quickly and sharply, a quick, witty, sometimes biting remark
adversity hardship, misfortune
avert to turn away ones eyes
prose ordinary speech or writing without rhyme or rhythm
excerpt a passage from a book, play, piece of music, etc.
exonerate to free from blame
exorbitant excessive
exposition a precise statement or explanation
expound to set forth an explanation or view of something in detail
impose to set up, or to force something on oneself or others
proponent one who argues in support of something
extraneous coming from the outside, foreign, not essential or vital
mediocrity the condition of being in the commonplace or ordinary
mediate to act as negotiator between opposing sides
medium a substance or element through which something is transmitted, a person thought to have communication with spirits of the dead
obsequious excessively willing to yield to others
subsequent coming after or later
sequester to isolate, to go into hiding
coherent showing orderly relation of parts
colloquial characteristic of ordinary speech rather than formal speech or writing
commiserate to feel or express sorrow or pity
commodious spacious, roomy as in a house
contrite thoroughly remorseful of ones sins
abstain to refrain from something by ones choice
impertinent impudent, rude
tenacity hanging on to something persistently or stubbornly
aptitude a natural talent or ability
inept without skill
adjunct an added part not essential to the whole
injunction an authoritative command or order
juncture a serious state of affairs
subjugate to conquer, dominate completely
strait a difficulty or bad position, a narrow passage of water
stringent severy, constricted, tight
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