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Stages 14-16

aedifico, aedificare, aedificavi build
auxilium help
bonus good
consentio, consentire, consensi agree
consilium plan, idea
diende then
delcto, deletare, delectavi delight
derideo, deridere, derisi mock, jeer at
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi send away, dismiss
effugio, effugere, effugi escape
faber craftsman
flos: florem flower
frumentum grain
imperator: imperatorem emperor
inter among
ita in this way
melior better
navigo, navigare, navigi sail
nonne? surely?
paratus ready, prepared
pereo, perire, peril die, perish
pono, ponere, posui place, pu
postridie on the next day
punio, punirem punivi punish
saltos, saltare, saltavi dance
simulac, simulatque as soon as
summus highest, greatest, top
supersum, superesse, superfui survive
tollo, tollere, sustuli raise, lift up
verto, vertere, verti turn
agmen column (of men), procession
alius other, another
aqua water
claudo, claudere, clausi shut, block
commodes convenient
debeo, debere, debui owe, ought
effigies: effigiem image, statue
equus horse
etiam even
fossa ditch
fractus broken
honoro, honorare, honoravi honour
impedio, impedire, impedivi delay, hinder
lectus couch
lente slowly
litus sea-shore
miser miserable, wretched
nauter sailor
plaustrum wagon, cart
praesum, praeesse, praefui be in charge of
princeps: principem chief, cheiftain
prior first, in front
qui who
redeo, redire, redii return, go back
sacerdos,: sacerdotem priest
saxum rock
teneo, tenere, tenui hold
unda wave
victor: victorem winner
vinco, vincere, vici win
antiquus old, ancient
apud among, at the house of
argenteus made of silver
attonitus astonished
aula palace
cotidie every day
decorus right, proper
deleo, delere, delivi destroy
deus God
dicto, dictare, ditavi dictate
difficilis difficult
diligenter carefully
domina mistress
donum present, gift
familiariss: familiarem family
fidelis loyal, faithful
ipse, ipsa himself, herself
iste that
lavo, lavare, lavi wash
maritus husband
necesse necessary
nobilis noble, of noble birth
num? surely…not?
pretiosus expensive, precious
quam than
quam quam although
-que and
rex: regem king
sella chair
ubi when
Created by: mangaluva