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Placental Reproducti

Penis Contains the pathway for semen OR urine to leave the body.
Testes (2) Produce male sex cell, sperm.
Scrotum Holds the testes outside the body at a lower temp. required for sperm production.
Vas Deferens Tube connecting testes and prostate; sperm travels through it.
Seminal Vesticle Produces and adds liquid to sperm to 1. Help sperm swim 2. Power the sperm because liquid contains a small ammount of sugur to fuel sperm.
Prostate Regulates whether semen or urine goes through the urethra and out the body.
Urethra Passage way from prostate thru penis out the body: semen or urine travel thru it.
Ovary (2) Place were all of females eggs are stored after being created, females are born with all of their eggs. Eggs mature and are released from an ovary (about once a month in humans). (Human) ovarys take turns releasing an egg.
Fallopian Tube (2) A path from an ovary to the uterus. Cilia, hairlike structures gently sweep the egg toward the uterus (eggs don't self propell).
Uterus Where fertalized egg develops.
Vagina Passageway between uterus and outside of body. Where semen enter and baby exits, also called the "birth canal".
Created by: CharlieL