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Chapter 13 #5 Hormone Flash cards

What is the funtion of FSH and LH? -Follicle -stimulating hormone(FSH):initiates development of several ovarian follicles. -Luteinizing hormone(LH):triggers ovulation
What is the role of GnRH? Gonadotropin-releasing hormone(GnRH): stimulatesthe release of FSH and LH
What is the funtion of Estrogen and Progesterone? Regulate the menstrual cycle, maintains pregnancy, prpares mammary glands for lactation. Helps establish the feminine body shape
What is the function of TSH? What is the role of TRH? -Thyroid-stimulating hormone(TSH): stimulates the secretion of thyroid hormones -Throtropin-releasing hormone(TRH) controls TSH secretions.
What is the function of glucagon? Increases blood glucose level when it galls below normal
What is the function of insulin? Insulin helps move glucose into cells to lower levels when they are too high.
What is the function of PRL? What does PIH and PRH stand for? Prolactation(PRL): initiates and maintains milk production by the mammary glands. -Prolatation-inhibiting hormone(PIH) -Prolactin-releasing hormone(PRH)
What is the function of hGh? (IGF, GHRH, GHIH) Human growth hormone(hGh):promotes synthesis and secretion of small proteins called: insulin growth factors(IGF) -Growth Hormone Releasinf Hormone(GHRH) promotes secretion of hGh -Growth hormone-inhibiting hormone(GHIH): surpresses hGh
What is the function of cortisol? Type of sugar: They have the following funtions- Protein breakdown-glucose formation- Breakdown of triglycerides-antiinflamitiory effects-
What is the function of ADH? Antidiuretic hormone(ADH): causes kidneys to retain more water, thus decreasing urine volume
What is the function of Oxytocin? Enhances contraction of smooth muscle cells in the uterus during birth. After delivery it stimutates milk ejection in the mammary glands
What is the function of norepinephrine(NE)? Increases functions for fight or flight syndrome, for the rest of the body.
What is the function of epinephrine? Increases functions for the fight or flight syndrome, mainly for the heart.
What are the functions of T3 and T4? They control the basal metebolic rate, temperature and cell metabolism.