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sci 2 quart assesmen

distance measures from the rest position of the medium. amplitude
the length from the tallest point of a wave to the next tallest point of a wave wavelenth
the amount it takes waves to pass a point frequency
as frequency_____ wavelength ______ increases; decreases
as amplitude _______, the ______increases as well increases; energy
all mechanical waves need matter or a ______ to carry energy on medium
the matter moves back and forth as _____ and rarefractions compressions
_______ are compression waves sound waves
sound waves travel faster in_____ solids
transverse waves look like____ ocean waves
the matter moves up and down, left and righ, and at _______ to the motion of the waves right angles
wight light is a mix of all _____ of the rainbow. colors
wight light contains of all ______ of visible light wavelenght
the order of the light spectrum is ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
we see colors due to the fact that a wavelenght has been _____ and the other wavelenths have been ____ reflected; observed
a prisim works by bending light which is called ____ refraction
current is measured in _____ by an _____ amps; ammeter
as electricity flow, electrical energy is transformed into ______ and _______ energy thermal; light
a series curcuit has ____ path for electricity to ___ 1; flow
if you remove 1 bulb in a series curcuit what happens the lights do not work
parallel curcuit has ____ paths for a curcuit to ____ many ; flow
if you remove 1 bulb in a parallel curcuit what happens the curcuit still works
flowing electricity can produce a _____ _____ which will affect a _____ if placed next to the wire magnetic feild; magnet
a genorator uses motion (kinetic, mechanical energy)to produce ______ energy electrical
An electric motor uses _____ energy to produce (kinetic, mechanical energy) electric
a magnet is strongest at the ___ poles
a magnetic feild extends in all ____ directions
when oppisite poles of a magnet are put together they will _____ attract
when like poles of a magnet are put together they will ____ repel
two ways to increase the strength of an electromagnet 1. more coils around the nail 2. increase the battery or increase the current flowing through a curcuit
Created by: maura06