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Health Knowl Bowl 3

Skills USA HKB 3

1. Clients with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease may show which of the following signs and symptoms? Frequent pacing or wandering
2. A client is unable to cope and adjust to life changes, causing disturbances in behavior and function. The client as mental illness
The nurse states the client has psychosis. This means that the client Does not view or interpret reality correctly
4. When a client turns on the call bell every few minutes, the appropriate response is to Stop by the room more often
A client hits the nursing assistant during lunch. The nursing assistant should Respond according to the care plan
6. The nursing assistant sees a diabetic client eating a candy bar in the room. The nursing assistant should Report to the nurse immediately
An older adult must adjust to Decreased physical strength
Social development during late adulthood is most often characterized by Adapting to changing roles
The nursing assistant can assist an adolescent to adjust to hospitalization by Being supportive with body image concerns
The nursing assistant can respond to the demanding client by Being a good listener
11. The care plan states that the client should be read to at bedtime to decrease evening agitation and wanderings. This means that the nursing assistant should Plan an appropriate time in the evening to read to the client
12. The client, Mrs. Richards, believes herself to be a student and the nursing assistant to be her teacher. The nursing assistant should b. Follow the care plan for reality orientation
Created by: LoGuidice