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english vocab 2

Alliteration sally swam swiftly through the grand sea
assonance eight apes ate grapes together
simile her hair is as golden as the sun
metaphor life is a journey: death is an everlasting sleep"love is a roller coaster
symbol/symbolism rose=love; tree=lie; death=skull and cross bones
onomatopoeia buzz,hiss,boom
allusion bible,mythology,mona lisa
verbal irony "i shall not die of a cough" (he dies)
dramatic irony audience knows juliet is alive but romeo doesnt kills himslef
situational irony gift of the magi-each main charector sells their most prized possesion for a gift that is useless
setting salem mass
theme not everyone feels guilt for their actions
tone biaset, sarcastic, disaproving
personification the rain danced gracefully apon my window
end ryme i ate FISH its my favorite DISH
mood/atmosphere eerie,depressed, happiness
satire to poke fun at a serious issue
Created by: linhague