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Health Knowl Bowl 1

Skills USA HKB

What, at a minimum, must a state require an OBRA qualified nursing assistant to do in order to remain in good standing? Work one day for pay providing nurse assisting services every two years
If a nursing assistant has not worked as a nursing assistant for ______consecutive years, he or she may be required by OBRA to retrain and / or retest Two
It is a requirement that nursing assistants attend regular in-service education programs. What is the purpose of attending these inservices? Ensure that nursing assistants have current knowledge and skills
What is a written set of instructions on how to perform nursing tasks (name of book) Procedure manual
If a nursing assistant incorrectly follows the client’s care plan he or she is committing Negligence
What should the nursing assistant do if a client asks about the results of recent tests? Refer the question to the client’s nurse
If the nursing assistant is unfamiliar with an assigned task, he/she should Call the charge nurse and ask for help
Within the scope of practice, the nursing assistant is responsible for Doing the tasks his/her supervisor assigns
While completing an incident report, the nursing assistant should State the facts clearly
When a nursing assistant is unable to work due to illness, the nursing assistant should Call the facility as early as possible
Federal laws requires which of the following immunizations to be offered to all nursing assistants? Hepatitis B
While at work the nursing assistant may wear c. Wedding and engagement rings only
Good personal hygiene for health care workers include c. Bathing daily
It is a law that the patient has the right to know this information about the health care workers caring for them First name and title (role RN,LPN, AIDE)
The scope of practice is defines the procedures, actions, and processes that are permitted for the licensed individual
Malpractice is performing or failing to perform any acts that could foreseeably harm others
Negligence is is a failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances
Created by: LoGuidice