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Ecce Romani 37 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 37 vocabulary SALT

cotīdiē, (adv.) daily, every day
lūdus school
preficīscī to set out
vereor I am afraid
castīgō, -āre, āvī, -ātus to rebuke, reprimand
Vergilius, -ī Roman poet Vergil
grammaticus, -ī secondary school teacher
experītur (he) tests
loqueris you are talking
loquuntur (they) talk
vel, (conj.) or
paedagōgus, -i tutor
ingressus est (he) entered
ēruditus, -a, -um learned, scholarly
ūtilitis, -is, -e useful
ēgressī sunt (they) went out
profectī sunt (they) set out
pīstrīnum, -ī bakery
praeferō, praeferre, praetulī, praelātus (irreg.) to carry ____ (acc.) in front of ____ (dat.)
etiamsī, (conj.) even if
ad tempus on time
scriblīta, -ae tart or pastry with cheese filling
paulim, -ī a small amount, a little
iēntāculum, -ī breakfast
magister, magistrī, m. schoolmaster
sextus, -um, -a sixth
cōnor, cōnārī, conatus sum to try
moror, morārī, morātus sum to delay, remain, stay
vereor, verērī, veritus sum to be afraid, fear
collābor, collābī, collāpsus sum to collapse
cōnsequor cōnsequī, cōnsecūtus sum to overtake, catch up with
loquor, loquī, locūtus sum to speak
proficīscor, proficīscī, profectus sum to set out, leave
sequor, sequin, secūtus sum to follow
ēgredior, ēgredī, ēgressus sum to go out, leave
ingredior, ingredī, ingressus sum to go in, enter
regredior, regredī, regressus sum to go back, return
experior, experīrī, expertus sum to test, try
Created by: cheetahpop