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MedLaw&Ethics 3

Chapter 3- Medical Law and Ethics

voluntary process in which an agency is requested to officially review healthcare institutions accreditation
type of insurance that covers employees who handle financial statements, records, and cash bonding
keeping private all information about a patient and not disclosing it to a 3rd party without consent confidentiality
states that the statute of limitations begins to run at the time the injury is discovered or when the patient knows of the injury discovery rule
an approval or sanction endorsement
state laws that help protect healthcare professionals and citizens from liability while giving emergency care Good Samaritan Laws
a means of document problem events within a hospital or healthcare facility incident report
an agency that oversees and accredits healthcare facilities Joint Commission (JCAHO)
the healthcare professional must provide information that a reasonable, prudent person would expect about their condition Prudent Person Rule
the cooperation of one state in granting a medical license to a physician already licensed in another state reciprocity
the employer is responsible for the actions or inactions of its employees respondeat superior
take away, as in a license revoke
a practice to minimize the incidence of problem behavior that might lead to injury for employee or patient risk management
the activities a healthcare professional is allowed to perform as indicated in their licensure, certification, or training scope of practice
ordinary skill and care that practitioners use standard of care
the period of time that a patient has to file a lawsuit statute of limitations
Created by: Kirkster