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Big Bang Theory Scientific theory that explains how the universe was created.
Space and time began approximately how long ago? 13-14 billion years
What 2 elements make up 99% of our universe? Why? Hydrogen H 90% and Helium He 9%, because they are the the most simple forms of matter.
What is the main idea behind RedShift? Everything in our universe is moving apart.
What is background radiation? Measured leftover radiation every part of space that is considered evidence of the Big Bang Theory.
Explain RedShift. Light waves that are moving toward you are slightly compressed and on the blue end of the visible light spectrum. Light waves moving away are not compressed, have longer wave lengths, and are on the red end of the visible light spectrum.
What is a star? A sun, a ball of hydrogen that is undergoing fusion to create energy.
What is a nebula? clouds and space dust
Black hole? a very small and very dense object with gravity so great that not even light can escape.
We cannot see black holes, how do we know they are there? We can see the effects they have on objects around them.
Galaxy A community of stars, nebulae, black holes, and solar bodies.
Asteroid hunks of rock in space
Comet Ice and debris
What are the inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
What are the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
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