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History if NRS

test 1

Approx. 500BC thinking broadened to ask more questions about why people got sick...mostly religious based
Hippocrates "father of Medicine"- first to deny or question that evil spirits cause illness
Florence Nightingale entered nursing school at age of 31, implemented much needed sanitation in war hospitals in Crimean War. "lady with the Lamp"
Year 1st hospital in US is established and location "Pittsburgh Infermary" Pittsburgh, PA, 1849
1st school for practical nurses name and year of est. 1892- The Ballard School in Brooklyn, NY
Common goals of nursing Promote wellness, prevent illness, restore health, caring for the dying
Dorthea Dix reform of prisons and mental asylums
Clara Barton Founder of the American Red Cross, "Angel of the Battlefield"
Mary Ann Ball Chief of Nursing Union Army, worked with salvation army after war for veterans
Linda Richards "America's First Nurse", Developed system for charting, 1st Japanese nursing school
Isabel Hampton Robb 1st President of Nurse's Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada
Lavinia Dock Compiles Material Medical for Nurses, advocate for women's rights and better work conditions
Mary Elisa Mahoney 1st African American RN in US, Co-founder of Nat. Association of Colored Graduate Nurses
Lillian D Wald organized 18 district nursing centers in NY that treated 4500 pat.
Mary Adelaide Nutting World's 1st Professor of Nursing, served 13yrs as principal of John Hopkins Training School for Nurses
Mary Breckinridge Ky nurse who began FNS, Frontier Nursing Service, goal to decrease maternal death rate
Margaret Sanger Advocate of Birth Control, 1st bc clinic
Walt Whitman worked as a wartime nurse during the Civil War, wrote about his experiences in war hospitals
Mary Seacole Crimean War nurse, the other F. Nightingale, rewarded by Queen Victoria
Virginia Henderson 1st full-time nursing instructor at Norfolk Protestant School of Nursing
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