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legal/ethical nurse

test 1

Nurse Practice Act State Law that governs the practice of nursing. It defines nursing practice and establishes standards for nurses in each state.
Board of nursing entity that is involved in legislation governing nursing law. Legal authority to interpret, implement and enforce the laws that govern nursing practice, education and licensure.
libel written defamation of character
slander spoken defamation of character
negligence conduct that falls below the standard of care or performing duties carelessly that puts a person at harm.
malpractice negligence by a professional
Four elements of negligence 1)Duty-nurse had responsibility, 2)Breach of Duty, 3)Causation- injury must have been caused by breach, 4)Damages/harm- actual injury had to occur
ways to decrease legal risk maintain competence, document, establish rapport (pt. and co-workers), communicate effectively
three exceptions to informed consent under 18 (parent signs unless emancipated), unconscious patient (consent implied in an emergency), mentally ill(power of attorney resp.)
T or F patient can withdraw informed consent at anytime up to sedation true
Medical Record/Chart a legal document and property of the facility. patient has right to copy
Advance directives signed and witnessed documents providing specific instructions for health care treatment, in the event that a person is unable to make these decisions at the time needed.
durable medical power of attorney legal document naming an individual to be responsible for medical decisions on pt. behalf
incident report an in-house doc. not filed with the medical that facilities use to make improvements.
T or F. A questionable physician order must be clarified. True
Clarifying questionable orders clarify anything a pt. questions, question anything illegible, unclear or inappropriate, verbal orders need to be repeated, question if pt. condition changes
AMA form Against Medical Advice- protects hospital if patient refuses treatment. document in notes if they will not sign and notify supervisor.
abandonment leaving work or floor without filling your spot to cover your patients.
nonmalficence to do no harm
beneficence to do good
autonomy right to make own decisions
fidelity to be true; keeps promises
justice fair to all
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