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more vocab

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harangue a loud forcefull scolding speech meant to critisize or question someone a tirade
ambivalence stimulous conflicting feelings towards a person like love hate unccertinity of which approach to follow
zealous filled or charecterized with eagerness and intrest marked by fervent biast for a person
beatification an investigation if someone should be blessed in heaven (publically) and entitled to public honor may lead to saint hood
languished to loose energy vitaltiy fail in health to suffer with longing
circutious having a winding course not being direct in action or laguage
recriminations a retailatory accusation countercharge an answer by acussing him in return
endowment the part of an instatution income that comes from donations
perquisite a privallage or benifit to which a person institution is entitled by virtue of status
pugnacious having a quarlsome or combative nature eager ready to fight
solidarity unity that is based on a community of interests feelings ect.,.
proselytize to recruit someone faith or institution party faith
candor sharp honesty frankness the quality of being fair
impertinence the quality or state of being irrelevent rude inaprope
lament to express sorrow mourning regret
prudence the abiltiy to govern discipline ones self by use of reason good judgment
hermetic sealed against the entry of air impervious to outside influence insuulated
igneous without sophistication innocent artless
reverence honor or respect that is felt or shown to someone
frivolous silly not deserving not importent
meger very small or too small in amount not having enough of something
haughty having or showing attitude of people who think they are better then others
cataclysm something that causes great destruction violence
infamous well known for being evil and crimes
deigned to do something you think you should not have to because its not importnent
repose state of resting not being active
robust stong healthy built
consolation something that makes a person feel less sadness dissapointment
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