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optics stack

what is visible light is... a mixture of all the coulors of the rainbow
what does a prism do? it refracts light, seperating the colors
what can a second prism do? it can recombine the colors to form white light
what is refraction? it is the bending or changing derection of a wave asit passes from one material to another
what is reflection? it occurs when a light wave strickes an object and bounces off
what happens when sun light strikes colored clothing? some colors are reflected while other colors are absorbed
which colors can be seen? the reflected ones
why does a red shirt look black in a dark room? because the shirt does not produce its own light
what are the two kinds of sun screens? physical sunscreen and cemical sunscreen
what is the diffrence between the two kinds of sunscreen? physical sunscreen reflects the UV rays while cemical sunscreen absorbs it
what are microwaves? microwaves have the shortest wavelength and highest frequentcy of all the radio waves.
what are microwaves used for? for telecommunications because they can be transmitted into space. also (as you can tell in the name) it is used for micro waves becuse it make water molicules move
what are ultraviolet waves? they are a kind of electromagnetic radiation that, relitive to light, has a shorter wavelengh and higher energy and frequentcy. when it strikes your skin it enables your body to make vitamin D, which you need for healthy bones and teeth but causes sunburn
what are gamma rays? they are the highest energy and frequentcy and shortest wavelength portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. they result from nuclear reactions and are produced by the hottest regions of the universe. focused bursts of gamma rays are used radiation therapy
Created by: maxdabbs