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Jazz Appreciation 2

Dr. Scott's second Jazz Appreciation Exam

Benny Goodman played the ________ clarinet
Duke Ellington developed his style in ___ ____ New York
Count Basie developed his style in _______ ____ Kansas City
What's the difference between New York City and Kansas City style? New York is more arrangement based and Kansas City is more rift based
Who were some of the popular vocalists of the 1920s? Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Big Joe Williams
In the 1920s, the Roseland Ballroom in _________ featured ________ _________. Manhattan, Fletcher Henderson
In the 1920s, the Savoy Ballroom in ______ featured ____ ______ Harlem, King Oliver
Most jazz songs were _______ instead of up beat tunes ballads
Characteristics of Be Bop faster than swing, louder than swing, extended harmonies, unison playing on the melodies, smaller ensembles, solos are more virtuostic, all about expression and improv, rhythm section had more freedom
When was Be Bop played? 1940-1955
What was a big contributor to the birth of be bop? World War II
What does be bop represent? rebellion
What did Be Bop provide blacks with? Their own language
Some key figures during the Be Bop era? Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Elderidge, Charlie Parker,
Who was J.J. Johnson? A trombone player from Indianappolois
How did the Miles Davis band operate? a bass player kept the rhythm, the percussion played the melody, the music was smooth/relaxed and minimal
Where does the term "Be Bop" come from? It comes from the syllables singers would scat in swing bands
Who was the King of Swing? Benny Goodman
What is a popular, scandalous song sung by Billie Holiday? Strange Fruit
Who was Chick Webb? He was the band leader of a swing band who housed at the Savoy Ballroom. Webb suffered from tuberculosis and a badly formed spine which caused him to die at age 30. He begrudgingly gave Ella Fitzgerald her start as a singer when she was a teen.
Who was Gerry Mulligan? He was a composer for Glenn Miller and played the baritone saxophone
What's Glenn Miller's most famous song? In the Mood
What's the most popular album sold in the Cool period? Kind of Blue by Miles Davis
Cutting Contests Impromptu competitions between musicians to determine who is the best at their instrument
What is a gig? When musicians are payed to perform
What is a jam session? When musicians play for fun and trade fours
Instruments prominent in Be Bop Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, Bass Drums
Instruments in the Cool 50s Tuba, French Horn, Flute, and sometimes Orchestra
Created by: taylorann93