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theo sayer

Lesson 4

小高, 好久不见,你好吗? xiǎo gāo hǎo jiǔ bù jiàn nǐ hǎo ma Xiao gao, long time no see, how are you?
我很好。你怎么样? wǒ hěn hǎo nǐ zěn me yàng I am very good. what about you?
我也不错。这个周末你想做什么? wǒ yě bú cuò zhè ge zhōu mò nǐ xiǎng zuò shén me I am pretty good, also. this weekend, what do you want to do?
打球?我不喜欢打球。 dǎ qiú wǒ bù xǐ huān dǎ qiú Play ball? I dont like to play ball.
那我们去看球,怎么样? nà wǒ men qù kàn qiú zěn me yàng Then, we will go watch ball, is that okay?
看球?我觉得看球也没有意思。 kàn qiú wǒ jué de kàn qiú yě méi yǒu yì sī Watch ball? I think watching ball is not interesting.
那你这个周末想做什么? nà nǐ zhè ge zhōu mò xiǎng zuò shén me Then, this weekend what do you want to do?
我只想吃饭睡觉。 wǒ zhī xiǎng chī fàn shuì jiào I only like to sleep and eat.
算了,我去找别人。 suàn le wǒ qù zhǎo bié rén Never mind, i will go look for another person.
你想听音乐吗? nǐ xiǎng tīng yīn yuè ma Do you like to listen to music?
白老师想打球,可是王老师不想打。 bái lǎo shī xiǎng dǎ qiú kě shì wáng lǎo shī bù xiǎng dǎ Teacher White likes to play ball, but teacher Wang does not.
你想不想看中国电影? nǐ xiǎng bù xiǎng kàn zhōng guó diàn yǐng Do you like or not like Chinese movies?
你想不想听外国音乐? nǐ xiǎng bù xiǎng tīng wài guó yīn yuè Do you like or not like to listen to foreign music?
想不想 xiǎng bù xiǎng Do you want to or not
觉不觉得 jué bù jué de How do you feel
喜不喜欢 xǐ bù xǐ huān Do you like or not
小高觉得打球很有意思。 xiǎo gāo jué de dǎ qiú hěn yǒumyì si Xiao gao thinks that playing the ball is very interesting.
跳舞很有意思。 tiào wǔ hěn yǒu yì si Dancing is very interesting.
听中国音乐很有意思。 tīng zhōng guó yīn yuè hěn yǒu yì si Listening to chinese music is very interesting
看外国电影很有意思。 kàn wài guó diàn yǐng hěn yǒu yì si Watching foreign movies is very interesting.
看英文书很有意思。 kàn yīng wén shū hěn yǒu yì si Reading Engli is very interesting. sh books
看电视很有意思。 kàn diàn shì hěn yǒu yì si Watching television is very interesting.
这个周末你想做什么? zhè ge zhōu mò nǐ xiǎng zuò shén me This weekend, what do you want to do?
你觉得看电影有意思吗? nǐ jué de kàn diàn yǐng yǒu yì si ma Do you think watching movies is interesting?
我觉得看电影没有意思。 wǒ jué de kàn diàn yǐng méi yǒu yì si I think watching movies is not interesting.
我觉得读英文很有意思。 wǒ jué de dú yīng wén hěn yǒu yì si I think studying English is very interesting.
他觉得听外国音乐很没有意思。 tā jué de tīng wài guó yīn yuè hěn méi yǒu yì si He thinks listening to foreign music is not very interesting.
想不想去打球? xiǎng bù xiǎng qù dǎ qiú Like or not like to go play ball?
Created by: huaihuai
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