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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 18

CANIS dog (L)
FELES cat (L)
LEON lion (G)
EQUUS horse (L)
CABALLUS horse (L)
HIPPOS horse (G)
PORCUS pig, hog, swine (L)
canine dog, dog-like
canine teeth extra long, pointed teeth used for tearing
Canidae the family of dog-like carnivorous animals including dogs, wolves, jackals, foxes, coyotes, and hyenas
Canis Major "Great Dog", a constellation in the shape of a dog
feline cat, cat-like
felinophilia love of cats
felinophobia fear of cats
Felidae the whole cat tribe, large and small, including domestic cats, lions, tigers, leopards ....
dandelion weedy plant with deeply toothed leaves and golden yellow tufted flower
chameleon a lizard with a large head able to change color for protection
Leo the constellation of the Lion; a boy's name
lion's share the biggest and best portion of anything
equestrian a person skilled in horse riding; pertaining to horse back riding
equine pertaining to or resembling a horse
equestrienne a horsewoman; female equestrian
cavalry a division of an army in which the soldiers ride horses
chivalry a code of courteous conduct which was followed by knights (horsemen) of the Middle Ages
chevalet the bridge on a stringed musical instrument, as a violin; any wooden frame for holding or supporting something
cavalcade procession of riders on horseback, or in carriages
hippopotamus river horse
hippodrome horse race track
hippology study of horses
hippophile one who loves horses
pork meat from a pig
porcupine spiny or prickly pig-shaped rodent
porpoise a blunt, snouted, aquatic mammal, similar to a dolphin
porcelain a fine, white earthenware noted for its transluscent and transparent glaze, china
Created by: LiseBrinkley