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1Blood Cells

Period 1-2 Blood Cells Unit

a compartment or enclosed space chamber
to distribute evenly from place to place moving in a circular path circulation
a life sustaining fluid, rich in oxygen and nutrients, sent from the heart blood
the two tubular pathways through which blood travels to and from the heart blood vessels
a vital fist sized organ made of muscle that pumps and filters blood heart
blood vessels that bring dirty blood back to the heart for cleaning veins
the liquid part of blood plasma
circle shaped cells made of bone marrow that carry oxygen red blood cells
larger cells that fight germs and disease white blood cells
how many parts are in the circulatory system 2: heart and blood vessels
what is the job of red blood cells to carry oxygen and nutrients to all the body's parts
what is the job of white blood cells to help fight germs and disease
how does the blood flow inside arteries fast and furious
how does the blood flow in veins slow
what is the job of the right side of the heart to clean and filter blood
what is the job of the left side of the heart to import oxygen and nutrients
how many chambers are in the heart 4
what are the small flaps of skin that allow blood to flow in only one direction valves
what happens when your heart stops pumping you die
how much blood is in the human body about 2 gallons
what is the large artery located at the top of the heart aorta
how big is the size of the human heart about the size of your fist
when we talk about red blood cells, what numbers do we use millions
when we talk about white blood cells, what numbers do we use thousands
when your blood pressure is taken, what do we call the big number on top systolic
when your blood pressure is taken, what do we call the smaller number on the bottom diastolic (more important)
what poison gas does the circulatory system help clean out of the body carbon dioxide
what do we call the mineral or fat deposits that block blood vessels plaque
what 3 letters are used to label blood types A, B, O
Created by: Jenmac