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Pivot Point Ch 12

Chemical Texturizing

When performing an alkaline wave on a client, thioglycolate is joined with what ingredient to create a waving lotion? a. ammonia b. sodium bromate c. sodium hydroxide d. hydrogen peroxide A. Ammonia
The main ingredient found in an acid wave is: a. sodium hydroxide b. calcium hydroxide c. potassium hydroxide d. glycerol monothioglycolate D. Glycerol monothioglycolate
The chemical phase of perms involves all of the following EXCEPT: a. applying neutralizer b. applying perm solution c. wrapping hair around the perm tool d. rinsing the perm solution from the hair C. Wrapping hair around the perm tool
To produce large curls, wave formations or body waves it is necessary to use: a. less neutralizer b. less waving lotion c. more waving lotion d. large diameter rods D. Large diameter rods
Which type of perm rod would be used to achieve uniform curls? a. curved b. convex c. straight d. concave C. Straight
With concave rods hair on both ends must travel farther than hair in the centre to make one complete turn around the rod, creating a: a. larger, looser curl in the centre b. narrow curl throughout the strands c. wider & more spiraling pattern on the ends C. Wider and more spiraling pattern on the ends
In the perm procedure, proper end paper techniques will eliminate crimps or: a. bevels in the hair b. spirals in the hair c. beads on the ends of the hair d. fishhooks on the ends of the hair D. Fishhooks on the ends of the hair
Which of the following descriptions identifies end paper placement for bookend technique used during perm wrapping? a. one end paper on top b. one end paper folded in half c. two end papers folded in half d. two end papers, one on top and one on bottom B. One end paper folded in half
When using the double-flat end paper technique, the first end paper is positioned under the strand past ends of the hair & the second paper is placed on top of the strand &: a. near scalp b. covering ends of the hair c. slightly past the first end paper C. Slightly past the first end paper
Water left in the end papers after rinsing the perm solution will dilute the neutralizer and: a. crimp the curl ends b. weaken the curl formation c. create a crease in the hair d. cause the curl to be tighter B. Weaken the curl formation
The size of the base and the angle at which the hair is held while wrapping determines the tool position or: a. base size b. roller size c. base control d. tool position D. Tool position
To create more volume, which tool position should be used? a. on base b. off base c. half off base d. underdirected A. On base
On base control is not recommended for alkaline perms since expansion is limited at the base and: a. chemicals weaken the curl b. causes a crease in the hair c. chemicals increase dryness d. tension may cause breakage D. Tension may cause breakage
Which tool position results in no curl at the scalp and a minimal degree of volume? a. on base b. off base c. half-off base d. underdirected B. Off base
Partial perms are designed to: a. curl only the ends b. produce only weak ends c. avoid splits in a final design d. position new texture only where it is desired D. Position new texture only where it is desired
In alkaline waves, the perm solution chemically breaks the: a. porosity of the hair b. medulla of the hair c. strong disulfide bonds d. color molecules in the hair C. Strong disulfide bonds
In addition to tension and perm solution what do acid waves use to perform the processing action? a. heat b. cold c. drying d. alkalinity A. Heat
Skipping rods when applying perm solution could cause: a. breakage b. frizziness c. loss of all curl d. inconsistent curl formation D. Inconsistent curl formation
Which of the following steps may be required when perming resistant hair? a. pre-lightening b. longer processing time c. longer neutralizing time d. shorter processing time B. Longer processing time
Which of the following chemicals is NOT one of the main ingredients found in most neutralizers? a. potassium b. sodium bromate c. sodium perborate d. hydrogen peroxide A. Potassium
Neutralizer rebonds & restores disulfide bonds in addition to which? a. increase swelling in the cortex b. softens bonds in the new shape c. reduces swelling caused by the alkalinity d. increases the rate at which the perm solution absorbs into the hair C. Reduces the swelling caused by the alkalinity
To remove all chemicals after the hair has been neutralized the hair needs to be: a. rinsed b. blotted c. relaxed d. reprocessed A. Rinsed
What is considered to be the range of pH for alkaline waves? a. 3.0 to 4.5 b. 5.0 to 6.5 c. 6.9 to 7.2 d. 8.0 to 9.5 D. 8.0 to 9.5
The high alkalinity of cold waves causes the hair fiber to soften and: a. swell b. shrink c. become brittle d. become acidic A. Swell
Alkaline perms produce faster processing times and: a. more shine b. better color c. stronger curl d. less curl consistency C. Stronger curl
Which of the following is NOT true about acid perms? a. better for fragile hair b. slower processing time c. create soft, natural curls d. better for use on resistant hair D. Better for use on resistant hair
The more porous hair is: a. the more elastic it is b. the more coarse it is c. the less resistant it is to absorbing perm solution d. the more resistant it is to absorbing perm solution C. The less resistant it is to absorbing perm solution
To equalize the porosity of highly porous hair it may be necessary to use which of the following products: a. prewrap product b. disulfide product c. strong shampoo product d. sodium hydroxide product A. Prewrap product
Which of the following descriptions does NOT identify the meaning of porosity? a. the hair's ability to stretch b. the hair's ability to retain liquids c. the hair's ability to absorb liquids d. the hair's ability to absorb perming solution A. The hair's ability to stretch
The hair's ability to stretch and return to its original shape is called: a. texture b. density c. porosity d. elasticity D. Elasticity
Hair is generally referred to as fine, medium or coarse when analyzing which of the following classifications? a. texture b. density c. porosity d. elasticity A. Texture
Which of the following could describe what determines the processing time and proper perm solution? a. client's growth pattern b. client's natural hair color c. the size of the applicator bottle d. the texture, elasticity and porosity of the client's hair D. The texture, elasticity and porosity of the client's hair
Hair density does not always match which of the following? a. color b. texture c. porosity d. elasticity B. Texture
What determines the size and shape of the new curl configuration? a. hair color b. perm solution c. perm rod size d. neutralizing solution C. Perm rod size
Which of the following statements is NOT true? a. hair that has been colored cannot be permed b. avoid perming damaged hair that shows breakage c. do not perm hair if there are scalp abrasions d. never perm hair that has been treated with sodium hydroxide A. Hair that has been colored cannot be permed
Before perming, identify if the hair has been tinted, bleached, highlighted/frosted or: a. conditioned b. set in pincurls c. previously permed d. cut in the past month C. Previously permed
What is applied to a client's hairline prior to a perm service to protect the skin? a. ammonia b. neutralizer c. perm solution d. protective cream D. Protective cream
If perm solution comes in contact with the client's eyes or skin which of the following actions should be taken? a. cover the eye with a bandage b. rinse thoroughly with hot water c. rinse thoroughly with cool water d. cover the eye with a warm towel C. Rinse thoroughly with cool water
Proper draping procedures for chemical services accomplish all of the following EXCEPT: a. preventing burns b. preventing skin irritation c. protecting the client's clothing d. place cape between client and chair back D. Place cape between client and chair back
What ingredient in color products could cause uneven curls, discoloration and hair breakage? a. red dye b. metallic salt c. oxidative color d. non-oxidative color B. Metallic Salt
When performing a metallic test, immerse at least 20 strands of hair in the prepared mixture for: a. 5 minutes b. 10 minutes c. 15 minutes d. 30 minutes D. 30 minutes
Prior to performing a preliminary test curl, hair should be shampooed and: a. left wet b. air-dried c. thermally dried d. gently towel-dried D. Gently towel-dried
After completing a service it is important to upgrade the client's: a. record card b. release form c. consultation form d. home care products A. Record Card
What is the most likely cause of underprocessed hair? a. rods too small for the desired curl b. hair wrapped too tightly around rods c. perm solution left on the hair too long d. perm solution not left on the hair long enough D. Perm solution not left on the hair long enough
What could be the cause of weak or limp curls? a. client's mood b. overprocessing c. underprocessing d. using rods that are too small C. Underprocessing
Overprocessed hair could be indicated by hair that is: a. oily b. shiny c. curly when wet and frizzy when dry d. frizzy when wet and curly when dry C. Curly when wet and frizzy when dry
What could be the cause of a perm not lasting as long as expected? a. overprocessing b. uneven distribution c. excessive stretching d. incomplete neutralization D. Incomplete neutralization
Hair wound on rods with too much tension may cause which of the following: a. lighter hair color b. unpleasant odor c. darker hair color d. breakage or dryness D. Breakage or dryness
The most common ingredient found in products that completely straighten the hair is: a. bisulfate b. potassium c. thioglycolate d. sodium hydroxide D. Sodium hydroxide
Sodium hydroxide relaxers are also known as: a. lye relaxers b. thio relaxers c. no-lye relaxers d. base chemical relaxers A. Lye relaxers
Super strength relaxer is used for which of the following hair conditions? a. fine, porous hair b. color-treated hair c. curly to medium textured hair d. tightly curled, coarse textured hair D. Tightly curled, coarse textured hair
Which ammonium thioglycolate relaxer strength would be used on healthy, color-treated, fine-textured or porous hair? a. mild b. super c. regular d. resistant A. Mild
A sodium hydroxide relaxer service should not be performed on which of the following hair conditions? a. hair that is short b.fine textured hair c. extremely curly hair d. hair that has been bleached D. Hair that has been bleached
What product should NOT be applied to hair that has been previously permed with ammonium thioglycolate? a. neutralizer b. conditioner c. metallic salts d. sodium hydroxide D. Sodium Hydroxide
which of the following conditions determine the processing time and proper relaxer strength to use? a. natural hair color b. length of the hair c. how soon hair will be cut d. texture, elasticity and porosity D. Texture, elasticity and porosity
When performing a chemical relaxing procedure on porous hair, choose a product that has: a. no alkaline content b. a lower alkaline content c. a higher alkaline content d. a high acid and alkaline content B. A lower alkaline content
A pull test is performed to check for which of the following conditions: a. porosity b. melanin c. elasticity d. brittleness C. Elasticity
What is the shape of a tightly curled hair follicle? a. oval b. round c. straight d. elliptical D. Elliptical
What is the optimum percent of natural curl pattern to remove when relaxing? a. 25% b. 50% c. 75% d. 85% D. 85%
The three methods for applying the relaxer are the brush, comb or: a. iron b. bottle c. fingers d. spray bottle C. Fingers
During a chemical relaxer procedure, if the hair is tested with the back of the comb & there is minimal amount of indentation, or the curl pattern reverts or beads, what step may be required? a. blotting hair b.rinsing immediately c. additional smoothing C. Additional smoothing
How far away from the scalp should a virgin relaxer be applied? a. 1/4" to 1/2" b. 3/4" to 1" c. 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" c. 1 3/4" to 2 1/2" A. 1/4" to 1/2"
An acid-balanced neutralizing shampoo or stabilizer is used after the hair is free of chemicals to: a. smooth the hair b. loosen the shape c. condition the hair d. reharden the hair D. Reharden the hair
What does the porosity of the hair affect when working with a chemical relaxer? a. elasticity b. the hairstyle c. processing time d. the type of relaxer C. Processing time
What is used to protect the scalp and hairline from caustic chemicals? a. sealer b. conditioner c. hand lotion d. protective base cream D. Protective base cream
Virgin sodium hydroxide relaxers may be applied midstrand because body heat from the scalp will: a. cause it to melt b. cause it to harden c. diffuse it throughout the air d. allow it to spread upward toward the scalp D. Allow it to spread upward toward the scalp
Which of the following is NOT a step taken when performing a virgin sodium hydroxide relaxer service? a. perform a strand test b. perform periodic comb tests c. pre-shampoo the client's hair d. follow the service with a neutralizing shampoo C. Pre-shampoo the client's hair
What action should be taken to replace natural oils to the hair that were removed during a chemical relaxing process? a. shampoo b. neutralize c. reapply relaxer d. apply a conditioning treatment D. Apply a conditioning treatment
Virgin thio relaxers may be applied after all of the following EXCEPT: a. a light shampoo b. a vigorous shampoo c. an analysis of hair and scalp d. a strand test and an elasticity test B. A vigorous shampoo
Which of the following tests should be performed during a virgin thio relaxer technique to determine if the proper amount of relaxation has occurred? a. comb test b. strand test c. metallic salt test d. preliminary strand test A. Comb test
To protect previously treated hair from the chemical product when performing a relaxer retouch service, what should be applied? a. powder b. alkaline product c. protective cream d. neutralizing product C. Protective cream
All of the following are terms that describe changing tightly curled hair to curly or wavy hair EXCEPT: a. curl reforming b. relaxer retouch c. reformation curls d. double-process perm B. Relaxer retouch
Rearrangers are used during a curl reformation process to reduce the natural curl. What is the main ingredient found in rearrangers? a. hydrogen peroxide b. sodium hydroxide c. ammonium thioglycolate d. glycerol monothioglycolate C. Ammonium thioglycolate
During a curl reforming service what size parting should be used? a. wider than normal b. thinner than normal c. twice as wide as normal d. three times as wide as normal B. Thinner than normal
When performing a curl reformation service, the rod diameter chosen should be at least how many times larger than the diameter of the natural curl pattern? a. two b. four c. six d. ten A. Two
Thio is an alkaline chemical with a general pH of: a. 3.6 b. 4.5 c. 7.8 d. 9.6 D. 9.6
Once the hair is completely wrapped during a curl reformation service, what is applied to ensure thorough saturation of the waving lotion? a. additional oil b. additional booster c. additional moisturizer d. additonal conditioner B. Additional booster
The function of a curl activator is to provide moisture and: a. prevent frizziness b. further straighten hair c. protect the hairline d. help retain shape of a new curl configuration D. Help retain shape of a new curl configuration
Why should brushing the hair before any chemical service be avoided? a. prevents scalp irritations b. increases static electricity c. causes the cuticle to flatten d. increases excretion of sebum A. Prevents scalp irritations
If curl reforming is desired, cut off all hair previously treated with which of the following? a. peroxide b. sodium hydroxide c. ammonium thioglycolate d. glycerol monothioglycolate B. Sodium hydroxide
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