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4th Grade Vocabulary

Review words

Primary source is an eyewitness account of an event.
Secondary source is an account written by someone who learned about an event by reading a primary source or interviewing someone who was there.
Culture a way of life followed by a group of people.
Extinct no longer existing
Migrate travel
Artifact object made by a human
Archaeologist scientist who uses scientific tools and tests to study the past
Wigwam dwelling
Displace drive off the land
Clan group of related families
Totem special symbol
Sapling small tree
Wampum belts or strings of beads from shells that were used by some American Indian groups for trading and gift giving
Shaman native leader of religious activity
Conflict disagreement
Colony is a group of people who settle in a new land but remain citizens of their home country.
Profit Earnings that remain after subtracting the cost of making and selling a product.
Stamp Act Forced colonists to buy tax stamps for all printed materials.
French and Indian War war between the French and British over land and trade in North America
Tax Money a government charges on wages, purchases, or property
Patriot Colonist who wanted independence from Great Britain
Neutral Refusing to take sides in a conflict
Rights Freedoms guaranteed by law
Risk A chance of loss
Dispute Fight
Surveyor Is someone who uses special tools to measure land boundaries.
Repeal Cancel
Luster the way a mineral’s surface reflects light
Sediment any earth material that has been moved from one place to another and laid down on the surface of Earth
Mineral natural, nonliving solid crystal that makes up rocks
Purpose State the problem, this can be in the form of a question
Research Find out about the topic using books and/or Internet.
Hypothesis predict the answer to the problem
Experiment Develop a procedure to test your hypothesis
Analysis Record the results of your experiment
Conclusion Compare your hypothesis to your experiments results.
Ordinance a law
Township unit of land division
Entrepreneur an individual who organizes the use of productive resources to produce goods and services
Plot small piece of land
Ambush surprise attack
Census count of population
Constitution plan for the government of a state or country
Reservation land area set aside by the government
Surplus more than needed
Supply quantity ready for use
Demand need
Trade exchange of goods
Canal waterway used for transportation
Service work done for others
Labor workers able to do required jobs
Pacifists people who want to find peaceful solutions to problems
Abolish to get rid of
Delegate representative
Fugitive escaped slave
Abolitionists person who wants to end or abolish slavery
Convention formal meeting
Suffrage right to vote
Seceded withdrawal
Armory building in which weapons and ammunition are stored
Enlist to join
Ratified approved
Amendment a change to the constitution
Leisure time for relaxation and fun
Veterans person served in a war
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