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Latin vocab


amare (1st) to love
ambulare (1st) to walk
cessare (1st)to do nothing, to be idle
clamare (1st) to shout, yell
convocare (1st) to call together
dare (1st) to give
dominare (1st) to rule over
excitare (1st) to wake up
exspectare (1st) to watch out for
habitare (1st) to live in
incitare (1st) to urge on, incite
interpellare (1st) to interrupt
laborare (1st) to work
lacrimare (1st) to cry
latrare (1st) to bark
narrare (1st) to tell (a story)
necare (1st) to kill
portare (1st) to carry
recitare (1st) to read out loud
revocare (1st) to call back
rogare (1st) to ask
salutare (1st) to greet
stare (1st) to stand
temptare (1st) to try
verberare (1st) to beat
vexare (1st) to annoy
vitare (1st) to avoid
apparere (2nd) to appear
cavere (2nd) to be careful, beware
discedere (2nd) to go away
docere (2nd) to teach
gaudere (2nd) to be glad
habere (2nd) to have
iubere (2nd) to order, command
manere (2nd) to wait, stay, remain
movere (2nd) to move
placere (2nd) to please, to make content
ridere (2nd) to laugh
solere (2nd) to be accustomed to
taedere (2nd) to bore, to make bored
tenere (2nd) to hold
terrere (2nd) to terrify, make afraid
timere (2nd) to fear, be afraid
videre (2nd) to see
agere (3rd consonant) to do
arripere (3rd consonant) to grab, to snatch
ascendere (3rd consonant) to climb
cadere (3rd consonant) to fall
currere (3rd consonant) to run
ducere (3rd consonant) to lead
emere (3rd consonant) to buy
excipere (3rd consonant) to welcome, to catch
gemere (3rd consonant) to groan
gerere (3rd consonant) to wear
induere (3rd consonant) to put on
legere (3rd consonant) to read
mittere (3rd consonant) to send
perficere (3rd consonant) to complete, to finish
petere (3rd consonant) to seek
ponere (3rd consonant) to put, to place
quiescere (3rd consonant) to rest
relinquere (3rd consonant) to leave behind
scribere (3rd consonant) to write
sedere (3rd consonant) to sit
sugere (3rd consonant) to rise
tradere (3rd consonant) to hand over
trahere (3rd consonant) to drag
vertere (3rd consonant) to turn
capere (3rd i) to take, to capture
fugere (3rd i) to flee, to run away
iacere (3rd i) to throw
aperire (4th) to open
dormire (4th) to sleep
invenire (4th) to find
nescire (4th) to not know
praeterire (4th) to go past
scire (4th) to know
venire (4th) to come
abesse (irregular) to be away, absent
abire (irregular) to go away
esse (irregular) to be
ferre (irregular) to bring, to bear, to carry
ire (irregular) to go
posse (irregular) to be able
redire (irregular) to return
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