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Word Wall - proj 1

Words from Book Eval project 1

WARDROBE A piece of furniture or room for holding clothing or costumes. A collection of clothing.
PROGENY A descendant or offspring
CONTEMPLATE To look at, consider or think about
ELUDING To escape by speed, cleverness or trickery
FORESTALLING To delay or hinder by taking precautionary measures beforehand
INCITE To encourage, stir, or urge on
JONGLEUR An entertainer, storyteller or minstrel in medieval France or England
ESCARPMENT A long, clifflike formation of rock or land.
FORMIDABLE Causing fear, apprehension or dread
OMISSION Something or someone who has been left out
ARTICULATED To make clear. Having a joint or joints.
HEISTED To steal, robbery
THRUWAY A major road or highway
REPUDIATE Refuse to accept or be associated with. Deny the truth or validity of
LUCRATIVE Producing a great deal of profit
BIDDABLE Meekly ready to accept and follow instructions; docile and obedient
Betrothed Engaged to be married
Conspicuous Standing out; attracting notice or attention
Myriad Countless or extremely great in number
Pugnacious Eager to argue; having the appearance of a fighter
Euphemism A mild word for a harsh or blunt expression
Thwarted Prevent someone from accomplishing something
Camaraderie Mutual trust in friendship among people who spend time together
Scruples Ethical consideration or principle that prevents action
Copse A small group of trees
Deluged A great flood; overflowing
Ludicrous Foolish, unreasonable
Primal Original, primitive; essential
Gruesome Causing repulsion; extremely unpleasant
Bourgeoisie Middle class; a social group opposed to the proletariat in the class struggle