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Lesson 4 Word Bank

Definitions from Review Lesson 4

envision to imagine; to form a picture in the mind of something that has not yet happened
revise to look back and change; to correct and improve
supervise to direct or oversee, to look after and take care of
visible able to see or perceived
visor a sheild for the eyes, like the brim of a cap or the sunshade in a car
prospect to look for; to explore and search for mineral deposits or to look forward to something in the future
respect admiration, high regard or in every specific point or detail
spectator onlooker, one who watches an event without taking part
spectacle a strikingly grand or unusual sight it can be something or someone doing something unusual to call attention to themselves
spectacular impressive to look at remarkable
audible able to be heard
inaudible not able to be heard
stereophonic electronic system that blends sounds from more than 1 source
audience people who hear a speech or performance
megaphone cone-shaped horn used to direct the voice and make it sound louder
symphony long piece of music to be played by an orchestra
audition a tryout for a role
phonics the study of the sounds, of the letters, of the alphabet
auditorium large room or hall where people gather to hear speakers or view performances
saxophone a curved wind instrument made of brass,with a reed mouthpiece and keys for the fingers
addictive habit forming, hard to break away from, east to say yes to
dictator a person who commands and rules with total authority
vocalist singer, a person who sings
avocation a person's hobby, what they like to do in their pastime - to pass the time
predict to say what will happen in the future
vocal connected with speaking or with the voice
dictation the act of saying words for someone else to write down
contradict to speak against or say the opposite of someone
vocation a job, a calling or inclined to go to a type of work or service
verdict the decision of a jury - either guilty or innocent
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