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science test voc.

axis the imaginary line that runs through the center of Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole
phenomenon an event or something that happens in the natrual world ar universe
synonyms for phenomenon event, incedent, Earthquakes, valcanic eruptions
plausible consistent with evidence, makes sceance in terms of observations
rotate to turn or spin on an axis
rotate part of speach verb
rotation the act of spinning or rotating on an axis
rotation part of speach noun
synonyms for plausible credible, belevible
time zone regions that share the same standard time
examples for time zone eastern time(3pm), central time(2pm), mountain time(1pm), pacific time(12pm)
What changes happen in the sky every 24 hours? We have an average of 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. The Sun appears to be moving across the sky from the east to the West
what causes the change in the sky every 24 hours? Earth's rotation, counterclockwise on it's axis
What is a year? 4 seasons, 365 days, 52 weaks, 1 time the Earth has rotatedall the way around the Sun
What changes take place in the visible shape of the Moon each day to day? How long do the changes take? What causes these changes? the moon is different shapes, more of it shows each day until the moon is full, then it starts this cycle over again. These changes take 24 hours. This is because of the Earths rotation on its axis
what causes the day-night cycle? the day-night cycle is caused by Earth's rotation. So the U.S. would be dark for 12 hours and light for 12 hours. Earth is also on an axis ,while rotating , the Earth is also rotaating around the sun, this is what causes seasons, days, and nights.
what causes day and night? On Earth, day and night are caused by the rotation of the Earth. It is day when the U.S. is closerto the sun. It is night when the U.S. is farther from the Sun.
How long does it toke for Earth to spin completely around on its access? Earth takes one day(24 hours) to spin completely around on its axis
how does the Sun's position change from early morning to late afternoon The Sun's position changes fromeast to west in late afternoon. the reason for thease changes are Earth's rotation around it's axis . As We rotate in one direction ,the sun appears to move across the sky in the opposite direction.
How many main time zones does the Earth have? 24
what causes the changes the direction of the shadows? The changesIn the length of the shadows are caused by changes in the position of the Sun, as it moves across the sky from morning to late afternoon. The shadow is opposite of the sun's position.
what are the changes in the shadows caused by? The changes in the length of the shadow is caused by how high the Sun is in the sky. The higher the Sun, the shorter the shadow Early morning and late afternoon , the sun is lower in the sky and closer to the horizin, so the shadows are longer.
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