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Satyricon Vocab 3

Millionare's Dinner Party

Tessera Tesserae dice
Dens Dentis tooth
Voluptas Voluptatis pleasure
Calculus Calculi chip, stone
Potestas Potestatis permission
Hospes Hospitis guest
tumultus tumultus noise
paropsis paropsidis dish
amimaverto, animadvertere, animaverti, animadversum notice
purgamentum purgamenti filth
everro, everri, eversum sweep out
converto, convertere, converti, conversus to cause, rotate
metior, metiri, mensus sum to measure
cervix, cervicis neck
praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestatus offer
honestus, honesta, honestum distinguished
poto, potare, potavi, potatus to drink
larva, lavae skeleton
articulus, articuli joint
flecto, flectere, flexi, flexum bend
vivo, vivere, vixi, victum to live
sapientia, sapientiae wisdom
rete, retis net
venator, venatoris huntsmen
venatio, venationis the hunt
aper, apri wild boar
scindo, scindere, scidi, scissum cut, carve
barbatus, barbata, barbatum bearded
culter, cultri knife
latus, lateris side
venter, ventris belly
Created by: melissaunicorn