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chapter i-4

somethung spen to obtain a goal or acclomplish a purpose: cost exspenses
uniformy or lack of variety. sameness of tone or pitch monotony
tastefully fine or luxerious in dress: style, design, etc. elagant
to emerge vioently from retraint or limits: explode erupt
not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polictical society indecent
to supose, curb, or withhold stifle
to pierce or pass into or through penetrated
to pass from a higher level to a lower level descended
one that traveks reugarly from one place to another commuters
spending much more than is neccassry or wise: wasteful extravagant
imitate or copy in action: speech, etc. mimicked
not prominent or readily noticeable inconspicuous
to pronounce judgment against: sentence condemmed
to pass through small opens or pores: ooooze seeped
a stone coffine sacrophagus
involving or feel of risk or hazadrdnous: dangerous perilous
to come into veiw emerge
something bought: somethig aquired aquistition
of only ordinary or mordernate: neither good or bad mediocre
benitficial or useful profitavble
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