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68wm6 p2 Ped Gen Dis

Pediatric Genitourinary Disorders

Why is fluid of greater importance in infants and small children? It constitutes larger fraction of total body weight
How long is glomerular filtration and absorbtion low in infants? Until 1-2 yrs of age
What does urodynamics determine? the rate of urine flow by volume and pressure
What does uroflowmetry measure? efficiency of urination
What is a Cystometrogram? graphic comparison of bladder pressure as a function of volume
What is a Voiding pressure study? comparison of detrusor contraction pressure, sphincter electromyelogram and urinary flow
What two procedures assess bladder capacity and function? Cystometrogram and urethral pressure profile
UTIs in children occur predominately in what age group? 2-6 yrs
What are the majority of UTIs in children caused by? 80% caused by E.Coli
True or False: To collect a urine sample from children you can collect from a mid-stream sample, catheterization, and wet diaper. False. You can collect from all except wet diaper.
What are the common antiinfective agents used for UTI? *Pencillins *Sulfonamide (trimethoprim and sulfisoxazole in combination) *Cephalosporins *Nitrofurantoin
What forms of bathing and bathing accessories should be avoided to reduce risk of UTIs? *bubble baths *water softeners *hot tubs *whirlpool baths
When is recurrance of UTIs most likey, and what symptoms are common? recurrence is most likely within 1-2 months after infection and is often asymptomatic
Repeated UTIs can result in? Renal scarring, decreased renal function and can contribute to hypertension as an adult
What is hydronephrosis? Distention of the renal pelvis due to an obstruction. The pelvis of the kidney becomes enlarged and cysts form.
What is polycystic kidney? condition in which large, fluid-filled cysts form in place of healthy kidney tissue in the fetus
What is nephrotic syndrome? syndrome refers to a number of different types of kidney conditions that is distinguished by the presence of marked amounts of protein in the urine, edema, and hypoalbuminemia
What is the most common classification of nephrotic syndrome? Minimal change nephrotic syndrome (MCNS), found in approximately 80% of cases
What age group is nephrotic syndrome most common in? 2-8 yrs of age
True or False: Effective steroid Tx prevents relapse in nephrotic syndrome. False. Though steroids ARE an effective Tx, most PTs have periods of relapse until the disease resolves itself.
What are the S/Sx of nephrotic syndrome? *Edema (characteristic symptom) *Pale *Listless *Irritable *Poor appetite *Albumin & RBCs in urine *Decreased albumin in RBCs in blood
What is the steroid therapy for nephrotic syndrome? prednisone for 1-2 months
When are fluids restricted in a PT with nephrotic syndrome? when massive edema is present
Nephrosis is more common in which gender? Is more prevalent at what ages? Boys, 2 - 8 years old
What is Acute Glomerulonephritis? (Brights disease)Glomerulus become inflamed and blocked as an allergic reaction to infection in the body
How long does Acute Glomerulonephritis (Brights disease) last? Complete recovery in 10-14 days
What specifically does Acute Glomerulonephritis (Brights disease) follow, and how long after? Strep infections, 1-3 weeks.
S/Sx of Acute Glomerulonephritis (Brights disease): *Periorbital edema upon awakening *Smoky brown or bloody urine *Decreased urine output *Hyperkalemia *Hypertension
Tx of Acute Glomerulonephritis (Brights disease): *Limited activity until gross hematuria subsides *Urine regularly examined *Sodium and fluid restriction; foods high in potassium are restricted during oliguria *Maintain strict intake and output
What is a Wilms tumor? Wilm's tumor (Nephroblastoma) is an embryonal adenosarcoma
2/3rds of Wilm's tumor (Nephroblastoma) are discovered when? Before 3 years of age during routine checkup
True or False: Wilms Tumors are found easily on palpation of abdomen. False, trick question. Do NOT Palpate Abdomen! Avoid handling of the abdomen to prevent the spread of disease
What is the diet for PTs with chronic renal failure? Protein is restricted while sodium and water and not initially limited
What may counteract kidney growth failure in children with chronic renal failure? Growth hormone
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