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Law Expressions

Law Expressions Lesson 9

pro tempore temporarily
pro forma as matter of form
ipso facto by fact itself
bona fide in good faith; sincere
mala fide bad faith
ex post facto operating afterwards
subpoena under penalty
per se by itself
prima facie at first sight
nolo contendere I will not contend
ex officio virtue of one's office
corpus delicti body of crime
habeas corpus brought to court
obiter dictum said by the way
non compos mentis not having control of mind
nollo prosequi be unwilling to pursue
onus probandi burden of proof
et uxor and his wife
modus operandi way of operating
cui bono for what purpose
et alii, et alia and the other persons, and the other things
amicus curiae friend of court
in propria persona in one's own person (without lawyer)
ad hoc for this purpose
in flagrante delicto in flagrant crime
per capita individually (each person)
per stirpes by stem (each person - other)
de facto according to fact
Created by: Latin I