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Law Derivatives

Law Derivatives Lesson 5

magistrate officer of government
magistracy position/duties of magistrate
judicial relating to court
judiciary court system
judicious careful
injudicious careless
adjudicate solve problem by court
prejudice considered opinion
accuse charge
accusatory charging
accusation charge of wrong-doing
patron special protector
patronize benefactor
patronal relating to patron
advocate supporter
advocacy supporting
reus defendant
scribe writer
inscribe to write on
prescribe set down authorization
proscribe forbid
describe express
script handwriting
testify give evidence
testimony proof
testament will
attest bear witness
protest object to
counsel lawyer
counselor adviser
jurist skilled in law
jurisprudence legal system
juridical pertaining to law
perjure swear falsely
perjury false swearing
abjure renounce
conjure summon solemnly
prosecute bring before court
prosecution side starting activities against
defensible capable of being defended
indefensible incapable of being defended
defendant the accused
Created by: Latin I