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science exam

independant variable the factor that is changed
dependant variable the factor that is changed or meaured because of the independant variable
repetition when an activity is repeated by the same person
replication when an activity is repeated by a diffrent person
model can be a visual or mathematical representation of an object or system
model limitations how much a model can do
theory a well supported explaination of nature
law scientific theories attempt to explain how things happen
tempeture a measure of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in an object
law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or distroyed
convection the movement of matter that result in diffrence in dencity caused by variations in tempature
evidence for contenental drift the earths peices can fit in to the creases of the diffrent continent
rock cycle when rocks change from on state to an other
wave a disturbance that transparts energy from one place to another with out the object moving the entire distance
lithosphere the outermost rigid layer of the earth
divergent boundries plates that pull apartand make a normal fault
connvergent boundries plates that collide and make reverse faults
weathering the process by which water, wind, and ice change in tempeture and breaks down rock
erosion the process by which sediment is moved from one place to another
deposition the process by which sediment has come to rest
cementation the process by which sediment is compacted togeher
hot spot a location where a column of extremely of mantle rock (mantle plume) rises through the athenoshere
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