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Animals word list

Sec. 3.3

amphibian a vertebrate that lives part of its life in water and part of its life on land
animal a kingdom of multicellular living organisms able to move and respond to stimuli
antenna one of a pair of feelers on an arthropod's head used for feeling, tasting, and smelling
bird a vertebrate that has both feathers and wings
cartilage a hard flexible tissue
cocoon a silk envelope that an insect larva forms about itself and in which it spends the pupa stage
cold-blooded an animal having a body temperature the same as the surrounding environment
egg the female sex cells
exoskeleton an outside skeleton found on arthropods
feather the light outgrowths covering the body of a bird
fish a vertebrate that lives its whole life in water
gills the organs on fish that get oxygen from the water and remove carbon dioxide from the blood
hibernation a resting state that helps animals survive the winter
insect an animal that has an exoskeleton, three body segments, three pairs of legs, usually two sets of wings, a pair of antennae, and compound eyes
Created by: AHoldeman