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Ovid Vocab. 01/11

Quiz on 01/11

Atlantiades, Atlantiadae, m Mercury, the grandson of Atlas
caducifer, caducifi caduceus-bearing
requies, requietis, f rest
sera, serae, f bolt, cross-bar
stipula, stipulae, f straw
canna, cannae, f a reed cane
paluster, palustris, palustre marshy, swampy
Baucis, Baucidos, f Baucis
anus, anus, f an old woman
parilis, parile equal, like
Philemon, Philemonis, m Philemon
iuvenalis, iuvenale youthful
consenesco, consenescere, consenui to grow old together
paupertas, paupertatis, f poverty
efficio, efficere, effeci, effectus to bring about
iniquus, iniqua, iniquum impatient, discontented
famulus, famula, famulum serving
requiro, requirere, requisivi, requisitus to seek
caelicola, caelicolae, m a deity, a god
Penates, Penatium, m guardian deities of the family
summitto, summittere, summisi, summissus to lower, drop
humilis, humile low, lowly, humble
relevo, relevare, relavi, relatus to lighten, rest, soothe
sedile, sedilis, n seat, stool, chair
superinicio, -ere, ieci, iectus to throw on, cast over
textum, texti, n a woven cover
rudis, rude rough
sedulus, sedula, sedulum busy, solicitous, diligent
Created by: hcmeek