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Mice and men words 2

Miss Wagner's seventh period class

causes of widespread or great affliction scourges
a general assistant: a handyman: a helper swamper
lice graybacks
a mattress consisting of its tick (fabric case) and filling tick
a liquid or semiliquid preparation applied to the skin as a pain reliever liniment
a male human being: a man buck
those who move or load heavy objects buckers
a driver of draft animals skinner
a machine used to loosen the soil while crops are growing cultivator
in a woeful or melancholy tone plantively
a cereal grass used in malt beverages, breakfast foods, and stock feeds barley
soothed: appeased: assauged mollified
having a belligerent: aggressive nature: combative: truculent pugnacious
clever in using the hands handy
uncertainly: doubtfully skeptically
menacingly: threateningly ominously
expressive of a low opinion: degrading: disparaging derogatory
a prostitute tart
two chains, straps, or lines of harness used to attach an animal to something to be drawn trace chains
twisted into a strange shape or expression contorted
shoes or slippers without heel straps: scuffs mules
sharp: tense: lacking warmth brittle
showed hostility or resentment bridled
cleverly:mischievously archly
anxious: fearful apprehensive
a craft animal pulling in the position nearest the front wheels of a wagon wheeler
all encompassing: complete profound
with self-satisfaction complacently
streaked with gray grizzled
Created by: tucker may