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Vocabulary, D-F

Boyd Vocab for quiz.

supercilium eyebrow
cranium skull
gutter throat
pulmo/ pulmonis lung
cutis skin
dorsum back
latus side
rena kidney
femur thigh
frons forehead
lingua tongue
sanguis blood
pauper poor
celer fast
licens free
audax bold/ daring
benigus kind
rabies madness
provincia province
terra earth/land/ground
nebula cloud
silva forest
patria homeland
via road
urbs/urbis city
bibliotheca library
carcer prison
spelunca cave
ripa river bank
hortus garden
litus seashore
mare/maris sea
genus type
species appearence
aurum gold
ferrum iron
argentum silver
plubum lead
hydrargyrum mercury
aqua water
fungus mushroom
aurora dawn
insula island
casa house
cilla farmhouse/country house
arbor tree
crepusculum dusk
annus year
fiscus wallet/ purse
morbus disease
nimbus cloud
virus poison
vulgus commonor "low class"
astrum star
iugulum neck
opprobrium disgrace/ dishonor
amare to love
laudare to praise
portare to carry
pugnare to fight
spectare to watch
vocare to call
narrare to tell
potare to drink
salutare to greet
imperare to order
castigare to scold
aedificare to build
convocare to call together (convocation)
videre to see (video)
aperire to open
vulnerare to wound
docere to teach
tenere to have
terrere to scare
timere to be scared
monere to warn
intellegere to understand
legere to read
scribere to write
tangere to tough
confidere to trust
discere to learn
ostendere to show
relinquere to leave behind
dicere to say
incendere to set on fire
quaerere to ask/seek: look for
repellere to push back/away
vincere to defeat
incipere to begin
audire to hear/listen
navigare to sail
habitare to live in
laborare to work
ambulare to walk
flagellare to whip
approbare to approve
debilitare to weaken
clamare to shout
errare to wander
cantare to sing
implorare to beg
eradicare to whipe out
debere to own
latere to hide
dissuadere to advise against
ridere to laugh
adere to burn
fervere to boil
indigere to lack/ be wanted
languere to be sluggish/ with out energy.
patere to be in the open.
Created by: kns1998